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Boxercraft Day

Boxercraft Banana MoonToday is officially Boxercraft day at Banana Moon. Some of our customers may know that we recently launched a new brand called Boxercraft. The range is based around 3 different types of loungewear bottoms which come in lots of vibrant and funky colourways. There is literally NOTHING like this available elsewhere in the promotional industry and we feel this brand has a strong synergy with our market leading college offering. Brands such as Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister have defined a young generation of people wearing what some may call ‘pyjama bottoms’ as leisurewear.

Particularly popular in American Colleges, Boxercraft has made it into the UK to be sold personalised with your embroidered or printed designs of your school, sports club or college society.

Some of the staff at Banana Moon have been wearing their own Boxercraft pants today so we took the opportunity to take some photos (If you feel you would like to see the different colourways even larger just click on the photo). We have a mix of all 3 products here, the men choosing the BX001 – Unisex Flannel Pant, some of the girls deciding to go with the slightly more feminine BX002 – Girls VIP flannel pant and even Alfie the Spaniel got in on the festivities by popping on a pair of BX003 – Bitty Boxer’s

Boxercraft - Banana Moon