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Banana Moon Supply Embroidered Jackets for Lotus Professional’s Sales Conference

Banana Moon recently provided some embroidered Regatta jackets for Lotus Professional’s annual sales conference in July. The guys at Lotus Professional kindly provided us with some images of their team building exercises, an account of their buying experience with us and a small recollection of the Lake Disrtrict Conference:

‘With an annual Sales conference fast approaching, a last minute decision to locate to the Lake District and include water sports in their agenda meant Lotus Professional needed to acquire some suitable branded Waterproof Jackets for their participants.

With Rafting building and a poor weather prediction, LP placed an order through Banana Moon’s new website for 50 jackets all embroidered with the LP logo with specific pantone colour requirements .

Within days we had received a proof of design, which we signed off instantly and in what seemed like no time at all we had receieved our 50 jackets which all looked excellent.

With the weather as bad as predicted and some suspect raft building, the participants were very grateful for the jackets. Even after taking a bit of a battering, the quality of embroidery means they will happily wear them in front of customers throughout the winter!

Banana Moon not only gave us a quick service but they also gave us a quality product, helping add to one of Lotus Professional’s most succesful conferences ever.’

Here are some of the pitcures from the activities:

Lotus Professional Embroidered Regatta Jackets from Banana MoonLotus Professional Regatta embroidered jackets

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