Factory27.co.uk LogoThis week at Banana Moon has seen a buzz of excitement, an air of anticipation and a hive of activity as a historic moment in Banana Moon’s history culminated in the launch of our new website Factory 27 or F27 for short!

On Thursday 14th November we all held our breath as Factory 27 went live and we embarked on a new chapter in the Banana Moon Journey!  All the team have been busy preparing, designing and working on the site to make it fresh, current and interesting for our customers to use, purchase and be a part of.

So what is Factory 27?… I hear you cry! Well…We have used our 20+ years of experience to create a pre-designed garment clothing company, which follows social trends or quirky crazes  in a vary of genres, such as TV, film, sport, music and even special occasions and apply them to a range of clothing for Men, Women and Children.  Our design team have used their creative juices and been busy bees to generate images that will hopefully hit a cord, recall a memory or produce a smile from our customers.

Why is it called Factory 27?… I hear you ask!  After some debate and a number of brainstorming sessions the team settled with the name that was inspired by a combination of our love for the Hacienda nightclub and the famous influential Manchester music scene and record label…Factory Records and also our location..27 -because we are just off Junction 27 of the M62 motorway near Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire. The strong yellow and black colours chosen, again is linked to the industrial and manufacturing element bringing us back to the word Factory. A good combination I think you will agree.

What makes Factory 27 different?…I hear you shout!  We have come up with a unique scheme we call the F27 Community.  You too can use your creative brains to create a unique design or designs to be used on our website for customers to buy. The Factory 27 team want to get you, the customer, any budding new designers, design students, professional or amateur designers involved.  By joining the community and submitting trendy, retro or distinctive designs you can earn pennies!!! and help boost a design portfolio! Or if like me you just like coming up with original designs for fun you can become part of a new exciting group and earn money at the same time.

Where can I find this fantastic new website?…I hear you scream! Get your fingers typing and log onto our new creation at www.factory27.co.uk . With Christmas coming we have a great range of seasonal designs to get you in the mood for the forthcoming Christmastide and beyond. Check out the genius images of our imaginative designers and find the perfect pressie for all the people in your life!

With our first orders in we are all over the Banana Moon!

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