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In the stock department, each clothing label marks the beginning of a new story – as hundreds of the same garments arrive, before being meticulously checked for another wave of personalisation.

Perhaps being blissfully unware of how they are actually being decorated at this stage brings with the territory a sense of mystery. The possibilities are endless, and that phrase does little justice for the infinite ways those same garments could be personalised before making their way over to be dispatched.

It can only be compared to distributing vast amounts of blank canvases to artists, armed with embroidery machines and vinyl or screen printers instead of brushes.

Away they go, the hundreds of garments, and with that, the hundreds of tales to be told. From farewells with college leaving hoodies to welcoming new members of a scout troop with sweatshirts. From birthday gifts to the imaginative stag-do prints that we simply cannot rest without reading. From conventional work attire to the most flamboyant and lavish designs you can imagine. To the customer they are personal, a simple piece of clothing that often reveals a chapter of their life. To us, they are a mystery, as we feel the same sense of amazement a customer does when they arrive over fifty times a day.

Because the last time we saw them, they were plain. But, when they return, they signify a lot more than just the fabric they are made from and the label they share with the millions of the exact same garment that exist. They symbolise a story.


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