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Banana and Oreo Milkshakes

First rule to remember about this recipe is…Don’t follow the recipe! Just make it to taste. Naturally Mo feels the more bananas the better but each to their own…

Ingredients (makes around 16 330ml milkshakes with some ingredients to spare)

  • 1 tub soft scoop vanilla ice cream
  • Copious amounts of semi-skimmed milk
  • 4 packets of oreos
  • A couple of bunches of bananas
  • Squirty Cream

Method (per 4 milkshakes)


  1. Get your blender prepped and ready
  2. Chop thinly 1 and a half bananas and add in
  3. Crumble by hand 7 oreo biscuits
  4. Add in 3 generous lumps of ice cream
  5. Pour in approx a pint of milk – it is important that the ice cream outweighs the milk for a really thick shake. Add more milk if you prefer it thinner
  6. Blend it, pulse it, change the settings a bit, blend it some more
  7. Pour out the mixture into glasses, and top with a lovely mountain of whipped cream
  8. Top with some more Orea crumbles
  9. Stick a funky straw in and you’re done!

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