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Back to the 80’s

It’s official the 80’s are back. I’m sure everyone has noticed the outrageous, flamboyant, interesting fashion flying out of the high street shops in 2018. You can’t really miss them…. From shoulder pads to sequins, all the 80’s specialities are making a comeback!

We’ve seen high waisted jeans, crop tops and excessively large earrings. Along with neon and questionable colour combinations. Essentially if it was seen in the 80’s, it can be seen now. It seems the big trend for 2018 is a throwback to this flamboyant decade. But how long this will last is up for debate.

How did we get here?

But the question is how did we end up taking a trip back in time? Well it’s no secret that the large designers are influential to high street fashion. The fall 2018 runway was full of bold prints, big hair and brave colour combos, all of which seem to mirror the decade in question. However, was it purely these designers that made the public relive the decade? The 80’s have been everywhere recently with shows such as Dynasty, The Goldbergs and Stranger Things gaining popularity. Maybe we have a soft spot for this iconic decade.

Millennials appear to be obsessed with the 80’s and there is actually a psychological explanation for this. The children of the 80’s are now those creating film, music and fashion. The likes of Freud argue that our childhood memories stay with us for life and shape who we become. Are we all trying to relive those fond memories?

Logo Mania!

One of our favourite fashion trends we are dragging back from the 80’s is ‘logo mania’. It seems millennials are almost stamping themselves with any brand logo they can get their hands on. Brands such as Gucci, Versace and even Nike revived this fashion staple by plastering their logo on t-shirts, coats, shoes…. You name it. Now it seems, is the time to flaunt your brand loyalty by wearing the logo loud and proud. We all know the 80’s are all about big and it appears that bold printed tees and oversized logos are the new craze.

Here at Banana Moon, we get our fair share of bold printed tees and big logos, so I thought I would share them with you. Why not jump back into the 80’s and create your own?

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