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American Apparel added to the Banana Moon Range

Banana Moon supplies American ApparelMany of you will now come to recognise the American Apparel brand. The famous clothing retailer has become a high street favourite over the past few years with shops opening in Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Glasgow. For anyone who doesn’t know, American Apparel are a huge garment manufacturer in the US employing over 10,000 people worldwide opening it’s first retail store in 2003. The brand identifies itself as a leading ‘basics brand’. This essentially means plain fashionable garments produced to high standards, with the added feel of the designer brand.

The fact it is a ‘basics brand’ means it provides great synergy for both retail and wholesale trading. To garment decorators such as Banana Moon this means we can provide American Apparel branded products and personalise them with your embroidered logos or prints. Particularly popular in the range are the 2001 T-shirt with 50 colours and the 5452 two-toned hoodie. As ever at Banana Moon we have been quick to get a good range of American Apparel products on our website and you can personalise these online as of now.

As we are coming up to the main time for leaver’s hoodies, we hope this new range of items will provide that extra bit of choice for our customer’s looking for personalised hoodies over the next few months.

Give us a call on 01924 420022 or e-mail sales@bananamoon.co.uk for an offline quote.

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