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A Look at Hoodies Past and Present

Today personalised hoodies are used as a sign of unity and togetherness. They are also a symbol of fashion and youth culture. For these reasons, printed hoodies and embroidered hoodies are very popular amongst university societies, school leavers and also sports clubs. Visit any University or College and you see students often wearing personalised college hoodies and personalised University hoodies.

This is a stark contrast from their origins. Hooded garments were worn by Monks in the middle ages but the more modern style began life as a uniform for work in much the same way as T-shirts. In 1930’s America they were worn by employees of frozen warehouses due to their physical characteristics.

Hip Hop culture in the 1970’s brought the hoodie into the fashion world. The hoodies became iconic in the 1990’s as it was synonymous with the hard work ethic and determination against all odds that the film Rocky showed. They are now produced by nearly every fashion label around the world and despite some bad press in the UK from certain politicians; they are as popular as ever. Personalised hoodies are certainly one of the most successful garments from Banana Moon’s personalised clothing range.

2010 will see Banana Moon’s customised hoodie range increase further. With lightweight options through to heavier, warmer garments perfect for winter sports. All needs can be catered for, from ski trip hoodies to winter sports hoodies. The New Year will also see the full introduction of the JH003 Varsity Hoodie from the revolutionary hoodie brand AWDis, which can be purchased now from our website. University students may find that our personalised hoodies go really well with our personalised sweatpants section, which has recently been updated.

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