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As you will have seen if you follow Banana Moon on Twitter or Face book, last week the team received our new work uniform.

All the staff love their new clothing, it give us an unmistakable identity as a whole team and also as individual teams within the 3 different departments.  The Design team have done some fantastic artwork with our new D2G method of printing and each department has a unique back print in full colour with the words Inspire for our Sales team, Evolve for our Design team and Create for our Production team.  We also have the Banana Moon logo either on the Left Breast or across the front of the garments in the distinctive Banana Yellow colour. All I can say is that they look amazing!

As a member of the Sales team I have been thinking about the word inspire and what this means ….

According to the English Dictionary the definition of the word inspire is to:

  • fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something
  • create (a feeling, especially a positive one) in a person
  • (inspire someone with) animate someone with (a feeling)
  •  give rise to an idea or thought
  • to guide or arouse by divine influence or inspiration

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to see what inspirational people have been born, have died or inspirational events have happened this past week throughout history.  So here are a few for you….

17th June-

1579 – Sir Francis Drake lands on the coast of California at Drakes Bay and names it “New Albion”. (Elizabethan naval commander)

1898 – Edward Burne-Jones Dies (1st Baronet, English artist and designer famous for his stained glass works)

1980 – Venus Williams Born (Seven times Grand Slam Tennis Player)

18th June-

1588 – Robert Crowley dies (English printer and poet)

1928 – Amelia Earhart is the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. (American aviation pioneer)

1940 – Winston Churchill urges perseverance so that future generations would remember that “this was their finest hour” (British Prime Minister)

1952 Isabella Rossellini Born (Actress, Author, Film maker and Model)

19th June-

1566 – King James I of England born (If like me you can’t remember which is which! Son of Mary Queen of Scots/King at time of Gun Powder Plot!)

1829Sir Robert Peel founds London Metropolitan Police (British Prime Minister)

1937 – J. M. Barrie dies (Scottish author and dramatist most famous for creating Peter Pan)

20th June-

1837 – Queen Victoria succeeds the throne of Great Britain.

1978  – Frank Lampard born (Chelsea Football player. My sons favourite from this week and one of his inspirations!)

2010 – Harry Blackmore Whittington dies (British paleontologist)

21st June

1982Prince William Born (Future King of England, possible future inspirational figure!)

1994 – Jay Glenn Miner dies (American integrated circuit designer, famous for his work in multimedia chips and the “father of the Amiga“!)

2003 – JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” is released and becomes the fastest selling book ever.

Inspiration can come from a person, a place or an object, a rose can inspire a poet, a landscape can inspire a painter, a leader can inspire people.  Whatever or whoever it is that inspires you to reach your goals I will leave you with this inspirational quote which inspires me;

“people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” (Unknown).

 Be Crazy People!

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