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5 Fashion Myths

We’ve all heard the classics like ‘black is flattering’ and ‘don’t mix gold with silver’ but I am here to put an end to these fashion myths. Who even made these up? No one knows and that’s why they need to be debunked. A lot of the “facts” we hear about fashion are simply not true and I think it’s about time I shed some light on the matter. Here’s our top five fashion myths.

Myth 1: Horizontal Stripes make you look fat

This has to be one of the most common fashion myths out there. I must hear this almost every day (that might be an exaggeration). But is there any actual scientific evidence that this is true? The theory is that horizontal stripes draw attention across the body which supposedly creates an optical illusion meaning you appear wider than you are.

However, this is false! In fact, in 1925 psychologist Helmholtz proposed a theory which debunks this myth. He argued that if two identical squares were put next to each other, but one had horizontal stripes and one had vertical stripes, the horizontal striped box would appear taller and thinner. This was actually named the Helmholtz illusion. Google it to see for yourself, it’s quite weird. So this same illusion should apply to the fashion world. Horizontal stripes actually make you look thinner!

Myth 2: You can’t wear black and navy together

Myth number 2 is another super common one. How many times have you stopped yourself from wearing a certain outfit because ‘you can’t wear black and navy together’? Well you won’t have that problem again. Black and navy are both classed as neutral colours and according to pretty much every fashion blog ever, neutrals always go. The reason this myth has arisen is because the two colours look very similar, if not the same in certain light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them together! The advice I have seen is that to make the two work you need to layer them next to each other to highlight the slight differences between them. You can also use different textured garments to make the differences more apparent. The trick is to make sure the two colours don’t fade into one. This look can be affective as a contemporary but subtle style.

Myth 3: Don’t mix prints

This fashion myth has pretty much been ignored in recent years as garish, bold print combos have lined the runways. Despite this, many still believe that you simply can’t mix two patterns and look good. But you can! This is a tricky one though so there are a few rules you need to follow. Firstly, pick a colour theme and stick to it. You can’t just pick up any old prints and throw them together… well you can but you won’t look too great. There is an element of thought and planning which needs to go into this one. Choose patterns with similar colours or tones, to make sure you won’t look too clashy. You can also wear one larger bold pattern with a more subtle print, just make sure there isn’t too much happening.

Myth 4: No double denim

Next up is a classic! We all know that you can’t wear denim on denim… or can you? Well apparently you can. 90’s fashion has made a come back and it’s brought double denim back in style. You do have to be careful here though as you could end up looking like a you’re in a cheesy 90’s boy band. Maybe start by wearing different coloured denims together. Black and blue denim is a classic look or maybe try a bolder colour (pink denim is on trend right now). Alternatively, you can wear the same colour denim together as long as you break it up with simple garments.

Myth 5: Colours are seasonal

Our final fashion myth is a tricky one. Many believe that colours are seasonal, and you can only wear certain shades at specific times of year. This is partially true as designers in the fashion industry choose colours for the next seasons trends. However, that doesn’t mean you have to listen! If you think about it, every colour known to man will have been ‘on trend’ at some point, probably more than once. So really, why does it matter what colours you wear. If you feel like wearing black in July then go for it! If you love to be on trend then you should probably follow the colour shifts in the highstreets shops. But why not be a trend setter and switch up the colours.

So there you have it, 5 fashion myths debunked! I’m sure there are many more style misconceptions but one thing I like to remember is that style rules are meant to be broken.

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