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5 brilliantly bananas British student societies

Britain is bursting at the seam with eccentrics — from llama whisperers in Wick to pole-dancing pensioners in Penzance…

We don’t know whether it’s the woeful weather or something in the water, but we seem to find the most fantastical ways of escaping boredom.

But there’s no better place to express your eccentricities and unleash your inner wild child than university.

And the great thing about uni is that you won’t be alone — there’s probably a pre-existing club full of folk that share your fringe fantasies.

With that in mind here are five brilliantly bonkers British student societies that are freakier than a mosquito’s tweeter.

1.Edinburgh University Harry Potter Society

J.K. Rowling penned the smash-hit Harry Potter series in Edinburgh, so it should come as no surprise that its historic university is home to a social club that honours the scar-faced sorcerer.

Members dress to the nines as Harry, Hermione and a host of other characters to attend special film screenings, themed pub-quizzes and dynamic debates.

And there’s even an annual sorting ceremony where new recruits are split into Hogwarts houses of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor ­— setting the scene for ruthless rivalry throughout the academic year.

If you want to create your own Harry Potter society you can parade round the pub or poolside in a personalised hoodie emblazoned with your Hogwarts house.

2. The Durham University Assassin’s Society

The Durham University Assassin’s Society allows students to track and whack human targets — using weapons that are completely harmless.

Assassination targets are identified by a shadowy guild of executive members — then hitmen for hire are divided into teams who seek and destroy their enemies (in a simulated sense).

The Durham Assassins regularly compete with other universities and when they’re not sharpening their deathly skills they can be found enjoying video screenings and pub crawls — woe betide the bouncers who deny them entry to their desired watering holes.

3.Brunel University Zombie Society

Student horror fans at Brunel University London can find a freakish home in the student Zombie Society.

Recruits have the chance to switch sides between zombie and human so that they’re prepared for escape from the undead — or learn how to locate and lunch on the tastiest people.

Their monthly humans vs zombies event takes place across campus and non-members can participate for a small fee.

When initiates aren’t shooting each other with Nerf guns, they enjoy socialising at horror film screenings and touring neighbouring cities to spread the word on zombie awareness.

4.Warwick University Star Wars Society

Intergalactic Warrior students at Warwick University can fulfil their dreams of channelling Chewbacca or Chief Chirpa at the Star Wars Society.

And they’ve even created a bespoke film trailer to attract new Empire and Rebel Alliance recruits.

If you fancy creating your own society based on the sci-fi saga you might want to grab a space age stash of t-shirts customised with the name of your favourite characters — it’ll make it easier to recognise your mates during a Millennium Falcon bar-crawl.

5.Sussex Pirate Society

The University of Sussex Pirate Society should float your boat if you’ve always fancied being the scourge of the seven seas.

There are eyepatches and hook-hands a-plenty at their pub crawls, and no parrots are ever harmed during their swashbuckling sessions.

Most of this motley crew’s adventures seem to be land-based but if new recruits swell their treasure chest then they might end up on the high seas in their own vessel.

Student social societies are fantastic fun but they also allow likeminded members to share their obsessions in a supportive environment.

And they make uni a much more memorable experience for everyone else.

Give us a bell at Banana Moon for the coolest kit for your own student society — we’re happy to help.

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