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4 of the craziest sports clubs you never thought existed in Britain

We’re sports crazy in dear old Blighty – so much so that the selection of sporting activities we love runs the full gamut from completely normal to downright doolally.

So let’s celebrate the world of the weird with a few of the paths less travelled in British sports clubs – you might even want to sign up for them before we’re done.


You’ve got the mind of Garry Kasparov and the left jab of Frank Bruno – but have you ever thought of merging the two?

Chessboxing is the curious offspring of chess and boxing, incorporating six minutes of chess and five minutes of right hooks and falls on the canvas.

Get knocked out or checkmated? Then you lose!

Even if you don’t have the mental skills for chessboxing, it’s an amazing viewing experience. Just think – is there anywhere else where you’ll witness someone moving a rook to A7 before thumping their opponent on the nose?

Unicycle hockey

Another combination sport on our list, unicycle hockey takes the circus clown-spectacle of someone on a unicycle with the surgical skill of a pro hockey player.

With five players on each team desperately trying to maintain their balance and slap a hockey puck into the back of a net, this is one of the most rigorously demanding AND exceptionally strange sports on our list.

Cheese chasing

Gloucestershire is home to one of the most dangerous, fast-paced and most fromage-based events on the sporting calendar – it’s cheese chasing, and it’s intense.

Cheddar will fly as a massive wheel of cheese is flung down a steep 200-metre slope for contestants to chase.

The winner, although bruised and battered from their speedy downhill trajectory, will receive the cheese wheel for their troubles. Let’s hope they remember to wash the grass stains off before their first bite.

Black pudding hurling

Flinging a black pudding at a pile of Yorkshire Puddings on a 20-goot high plinth might not seem like the most normal way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but it’s the most fun you can have near Bury in September.

Symbolising the age-old grudge between Yorkshire and Lancashire, a competitor’s task is to hit as many Yorkshire puddings as possible.

We don’t know what the winner receives, but we can guarantee they’ll have an excellent fry up later.

Can you think of any weird and wonderful sports with a uniquely British feel? Then let us know in the comments below!

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