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Banana Moon’s name and reputation is synonymous with clothing and sometimes even we forget the importance and large demand there is for bags, and particularly personalised bags. Bagbase are one of our biggest bag brands. Nothing completes for example a club or school outfit better for a small amount of money than a matching bag or rucksack. They are great fun, the kids love them and often keep and use the bag way beyond the duration of the event it was purchased for. We would like to mention the BG10 premium rucksack. It comes in every colour in the sun, when ordered in quantity it is just so cheap with a print on, and just about lasts forever. There is also a BG5 which is a budget version,and believe it or not even cheaper. For clubs going on tour the teamwear backpack in a range of...

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Vintage Laptop Backpack (BG613M)

from £15.00

Available in 1 size

Premium Gymsac (BG10)

from £3.15

Available in 1 size

Original Fashion Backpack (BG125)

from £8.00

Available in 1 size

Retro Shoulder Bag (BG14)

from £7.00

Available in 1 size

Junior Fashion Backpack (BG125B)

from £7.05

Available in 1 size

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