What is Applique?

An applique design is created on design software by including a base of fabric and digitising some embroidered text stitch by stitch over the top of the fabric and garment. The fabric part of the design is cut out on a specialist applique cutting machine. The fabrics are stocked in certain rolls of colours.

A garment is then framed for embroidery to create the flat area where the design will go. The framed garment is then put onto the embroidery machine and marked out where the fabric will sit. Embroidery stitches are then applied to the fabric to apply this to the garment.

Once secured, the rest of the embroidery is added to the design to complete. The garment is then taken off the machine and de-framed. Any loose threads are trimmed off.

What Is It?

Applique is a longstanding craft technique which applies a pre-cut of piece of fabric onto a garment by embroidery stitches. The design is then complimented by other bit of embroidery fill or text which embellishes the fabric. It is most often used to create text on a garments where you can touch the fabric and the edges fray in a distressed finish

Perfect For...

Being Unique – The only method to blend embroidery stitching and fabric creating a retail finish.

Retail Feel – The finish is similar to many Jack Wills, Superdry and Abercrombie designs with the frayed edges.

Presents – Can be used for one-offs to create premium quality gifts

What We Offer

At Banana Moon we have a specialist applique cutter to cut the fabric and a large number of embroidery heads which finish off the applique design. Our in-house design team design all of the applique designs and oversee the cutting of the fabric and the embroidery. Try co-ordinating a different colour fabric to the embroidery stitching to create a really pleasing contrast colour effect between the two.

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