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1993 Born and Bred

The year was 1993. Jurassic Park and Mrs Doubtfire had just hit the big screens, Meatloaf topped the charts with I’ll Do Anything For Love and Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public for the very first time.

But the year will be best remembered at Banana Moon for our own beginnings. And home is where out heart lies, as we began to digitise logos for local markets. Perhaps rather fitting, that the dinner-table chats to unite local groups as a family happened between an actual family, founders Paul and Jackie Grace.

1998 Reach for the Moon

Ever the innovators, after becoming one of the earliest creators of embroidered logo files in the UK, our quick reaction to software developments in the industry expanded our scope. We then began producing embroidering logos onto clothing, and eyes were opened.

Seeing the computerised versions recreated onto garments only heightened our drive to provide local groups with a physical identity. An embroidery machine was quickly installed into the Grace household and, although peace and quiet would become a distant memory, our new service was born.

2000 We're Online

Now back to a time when Google results were only in the thousands. The turn of the Millennium saw a blockbuster move for Banana Moon, as we became one of the first companies to have our own website - quite the pioneers.

Word soon spread and a new, national audience began to emerge. The opportunity to provide a wider range of groups with embroidered clothing sparked the appetite to delve into the market further.

2005 Check It Out

The essence of personalised clothing was encapsulated with another online move in 2005, with the creation of an online buying process. Personalisation was now truly personal and phone chats and meet-ups were no longer the start of an order being born. Power to the people.

2009 Home Sweet Home

What a year. Moving into a new home, into a brand new production factory, the embroidery capacity was increased massively and a new service followed shortly afterwards with the introduction of screen and vinyl printing.

Opportunity knocked for Banana Moon and we were now able to provide the world with transforming plain garments into the often weird and always wonderful. Going global!

2010 Check It Out (Again!)

Technology was moving quicker than a needle on an embroidery machine, and reaction was needed. Our brand new website went live and the endless options for customer orders helped Banana Moon affirm itself in the online age.

2012 Bigger is Better

That rapid increase in orders from online meant we were soon looking for more space. Expanding to the unit next door gave us the possibility to make that happen and not least nullified the stress of moving completely. Walls were knocked down but doors were opened, as the service quality increased and was now even quicker.

2015 Reach For the Stars

A new five-year plan was drawn out to establish the goals and direction of the company. The ball was soon rolling and a new website, team members and new targets were all brought in. The dreams of customers were being realised every day with orders, and now our own new aspirations were set out in similar fashion.

2017 Seeing Is Believing

The ‘Visual creator’ was added to our website to strengthen the process of customers drawing up their personal preferences. The very nature of personalised clothing means there are no limits, so we let customers show us their ideas visually.

That gave us much more ease in transferring the customers’ vision to the production line, and we also added a new wave of staff to make that even more of a slick process.

2018 Time Is Of the Essence

Once that vision is created into life-form, the buzz for us all comes when the packages arrive. That means quicker turnaround is always pivotal for our process, as we felt there was far more beauty in sending in an idea and seeing it before you can even tell your entire friend circle.

More efficient practices meant we were able to take 7 days off our turnaround time, even at peak times, meaning our customers were able to be amazed by their creations in less time than before.

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