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We’ve Gone Green!

You may have heard the textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world! We know the negative impact our business could have on the planet, so we want to make change. Back in January 2019 we decided enough is enough. Since then we have been pushing to become an eco-friendly business. 

How Did We Do It?

Going green hasn’t been an easy task and there is still more to be done, but we think the team have done an awesome job so far! We’ve added a whole section of eco-friendly clothing for you to personalise. There are all kinds of garments made from a range of environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. Checkout some of our favourites below
BA860M - Inspire Organic Polo Shirt (Gallery image 1)

Inspire Organic Polo Shirt


  • From £6.80
  • 20 colours

Corcovado Organic Hoodie


  • From £13.75
  • 3 colours

Unisex Creator Iconic T Shirt


  • From £6.95
  • 47 colours

Organic Premium Cotton Gymsac


  • From £3.70
  • 5 colours
But the biggest change we’ve made is introducing eco-friendly printing. We invested 500K in a brand new print process called Direct to Garment. This amazing piece of tech allows us to print tees, totes and hoodies with eco-friendly inks. You can read more about this process below. 

Our Mission to Turn Teams Green

But you don’t have to have 500K to turn your team green. We know there are so many little changes everyone can make, to become a more environmentally friendly team. So to spread the word, we launched our team green campaign. We set up our hub of useful info to help you make better decisions for the planet. The hub gave you shocking facts about our impact on the world and allowed you to calculate your green score! Did you find out how green you really are?... 

The Competition

As part of our campaign, we gave you the opportunity to win your team an eco-friendly kit. We had over 50 entries who all designed their ideal eco hoodie/sweatshirt. You guys voted for your winner and we printed their hoodie with eco friendly inks! Here’s the winning design, in case you missed it. The Portsmouth Equestrian Society received £500 worth of eco-friendly printed sweatshirts, back in June

Our Donation

We know ourimpact on the world isn’t huge but there are charities out there who can make amassive positive impact. Friends Of The Earth for example work across the UK tomake real change and push businesses and governments to act now! That’s why wewanted to donate to a great cause. We promised 5% of our eco-friendly sales betweenApril and July would go to this amazing organisation. And it did! £500 wasdonated by us. 


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