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Introducing: The Rollin’ Inn.

We have been following these guys on Instagram for a while, and love the positivity in each post they upload.

Charlie and Claire are a husband and wife team (so cute!) and they have a ‘good vibes only’ attitude towards their small business.

The Rollin’ Inn caters for all events, big or small. They use their ‘festival’ style trailer bar for larger events, and their rustic wooden pop up bar for indoors/marquees. 

The Rollin In Hard At Work

Charlie built their colourful festival style trailer and wooden pop-up bar by hand, all in memory of his dad who owned his own pub and later in life his own mobile bar with his friends.

Claire spent nearly 10 years in the events industry and takes care of the admin, social media and in her words “making stuff look pretty!”

And boy does it look pretty indeed. I don’t think I’d actually get anything done if that was my workplace!

Serving Happy Customers At The Rollin Inn

The Rollin' Inn: Q&A!

What’s a typical working day like at The Rollin’ Inn?


Never are two events the same and that's what makes it so fun, we love meeting new people and learning new stuff every time and making it personal for our guests. We just love the fact we get an invite to set the party off! 

How do you publicise your business?


Mostly through word of mouth, but also a bit of personal outreach, we use our Instagram and Facebook pages a lot too. The only paid marketing tool we use is ‘Add to event’.

Keeping Up Appearances At The Rollin Inn

How important is a collaborative environment and teamwork to you? 


Incredibly. One of the wonderful things we have found across Instagram & Facebook is how fantastic small businesses are at supporting each other. These platforms allow small start-up businesses like ours the freedom and potential to reach a really wide audience! 


Funniest workplace story!?


Loads… but not sure if most of them can be told. The majority of them include inebriated guests getting up to wild antics!!

The Staff Of The Rollin In Showing Their Personalised Workwear

So why do you buy personalised clothing, and how do you use it?!


Bobble hats, hoodies & aprons, we use them for their obvious practical uses- aprons to keep the dirt off, bobbles to keep us warm on out chilly winter events out in the trailer… and hoodies because they look awesome and keep us on brand whilst serving!


All our friends and family also got bobble hats this year too. They’re so warm and cosy and the colours are fab- and now it’s a bonus that they spread brand awareness at the same time!

Showing Off The Rollin Inn Hoodies

Go check them out on Facebook or Instagram!

Below are some products that are a favourite amongst The Rollin’ Inn and other small, start up businesses alike.

Looking for some help? Get in touch, we’d be more than happy to advise you on the best products for you. 

Matching Personalised Rollin Inn Hats And Hoodies


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Corkscrew Pom Pom Beanie


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Varsity Hoodie


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Heavy Contrast Hoody


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Fairtrade Apron


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