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PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

Every year, the big guys in colour systems (Pantone) choose their ‘colour of the year’. It’s pretty prescriptive, and you’ll probably see loads of brand collaborations with Pantone to bring out all sorts of products from candles to sandals all nestled within the chosen colour. 

So why is it important? You’ll probably see a pretty large variety of blue hues trickling down to products on the high street. The colour of the year in some way starts a bit of a trend,and as we all know, being ‘on-trend’ is the aspiration of many people (and businesses alike!)

Or maybe you’re just like me and like blue. Simple things.

Pantone always releases a bit of a description of the colour and what they believe it means, to them and us alike. “PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue” is described as a “timeless and enduring blue hue, that’s elegant in its simplicity”.

The colour is said to be reminiscent of the sky at dusk, and highlights our innate desires for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into the new era.

You’ve got to give it to them, they know how to do creative writing, and well. My knowledge seems to extend to associating the colour blue with being sad. GCSE English? Nailed it. Someone get me a job at Pantone!

But,  what does it mean to us?

Well, like most things, it might mean something to you, or may mean nothing. But to save us from the vaguest statement ever typed, I’ll give you a quick run down of the colour of the year shenanigans. 

Pantone colour of the year is for consumers. That’s right, ordinary people like us.

Many people will take this colour and re vamp their products, using the #COTY2020 as a means of exposure, and some will even go as far as changing some of the branding their business. But, that’s a little too much for many businesses, and kind of risks losing your brand identity.

Incorporating the Pantone into products and marketing lends itself to a large platform of exposure- and you’ll be on trend. Blue products, blue ads, blue coffee cups for your daily Instagram story. Get you, trendy guy.



·       Graphic designer? Show off your work in a blue hue. You can even come up with some saleable templates if you want your work to travel further.

·       In the fashion industry? Classic blue clothing!

·       Makeup company? This ones pretty obviously. I’m not sure how blue lips would go down though. Maybe I'm behind trend.

·       Baker? Make some blue bread. Or a cute cupcake.

The list can go on. Forever really. The main takeaway issue blue. Then publicise it. Sorted. 


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