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What is DTG?

DTG, short for direct to garment, is the future of print. These machines use inkjet technology to print designs directly onto the surface of a t shirt. Our team load the garment onto the machine, set up the file on screen and press go! The automated ink heads then run over the clothing and the ink soaks into the fabric

What does this mean for you?

Soft print – this process involves no transfers as it prints straight onto the garment. So that means the print has a soft texture and feels part of the garment. It’s nicer to wear, is durable and looks great!

Vibrant colours – the Kornit Avalanche has 6 colour print heads which all produce a super vibrant print in almost any colour. 

No limitations – the great thing about DTG is you have no design limitations. Unlike other print methods, this allows us to print pretty much anything. We can achieve gradient effects, tiny details and even print photographs. So let your imagination run wild

Super-fast turnaround – you thought our turnaround was quick before… well it’s going to get quicker. This process allows us to print complex, multicolour designs in a matter of minutes. Your artwork can be sent straight to print too so it cuts down our prep time. 

Eco friendly – Our DTG inks are eco-friendly! They are water based, non-hazardous and bio-degradable. So you can do your bit for the environment. 

Summing it up

DTG is a great investment for us and for you! Our MD Alex sums up this change for us. “This is a pivotal moment in the 26-year history of our business and the largest single investment we’ve ever made in terms of our development. The new equipment will produce an extremely high standard of print, while also enabling us to produce large quantities in a shorter space of time. The end result is a better service for our customers.”

We are excited to see where DTG takes us and hope you can join us on the journey. 

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Print FAQ's

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