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What do you do at Eploy?

Eploy is the complete Software-as-a-Service recruitment platform for modern in-house recruitment teams. Eploy combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pool Engagement, Onboarding and Analytics into a unified web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your careers site to provide an excellent experience for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. 

Eploy Recruitment Staff
Eploy set out to 'provide the perfect experience for everyone involved in the recruitment journey.'

They're on a mission to revolutionise recruitment and have a bunch of talented people who want to innovate, think big and join them on their journey.

Their values are encoded in their DNA: quality, collaboration, innovation, credibility, authenticity, fairness & fun.

Eploy Recruitment Software Logo

What is a typical working day like?

If only there was a ‘typical’ day! Every day at Eploy is different, you can hear from our team in a series of short videos to get a real feel for our team and what it’s like working with us!

How do you publicise Eploy?

We are well known across the recruitment industry and work hard to share valuable content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and through our partner network. We are also on Glassdoor with a 5 star employer rating. More recently we launched on Instagram where you can get a flavour for our business and our people.

Eploy staff In their Personalised Work T Shirts

How important is a collaborative environment and teamwork to you?

It’s extremely important. We've created a working environment that is comfortable, vibrant and fun, with plenty of space for collaborative working and those times when you need a bit of quiet. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy coming in to work each day.

Eploy Staff Guess Who

How do you unite your employees?

We believe happy, healthy individuals are more productive. Some of the ways we support our employees include:

  • Continued professional development. We support our employees who want to continue their learning journey both financially and with time to study.
  • Flexible working locations and hours. We believe that employees thrive when they have the right work/life balance. Plus, a surprising amount of work can be achieved in one’s pyjamas.
  • Social events. We like spending time with the people we work with. We hear that’s actually quite rare…
  • Cakes. Because… Cake. Meetings are more productive with cake…probably. We are always happy to test this maxim.
Eploy Staff Hoodie

Why do you buy personalised clothing/use it for?

We have all the things you’d associate with a modern SaaS business, table tennis, beer fridge, an endless stream of fine coffees, teas & fresh fruit. Not content to leave it there we have provided cool branded hoodies and t-shirts that have gone down a storm with the Eploy team. 

We rock a range of colours and everyone has their favourite – the burgundy hoodies and heather grey t-shirts are particular favourites. 

We didn’t just want to brand our clothing with our corporate logo, so instead we took inspiration from leading fashion brands and came up with our own take – so, at first glance you wouldn’t think it was corporate branding but on closer inspection the messaging is full Eploy!

Eploy Personalised T Shirts Ready To Go

Our aim is to design a new collection each year, and because Banana Moon is so flexible in terms of colourways and sizes, we let our staff choose their preferences. All of our designs are done in house by the Eploy Marketing team.

We are also about to order our ‘Special Editions’ – these are to reward our staff for 5, 10 and even 15 years service – this will be our Eployalty range! 

This brings us to the end of this customer spotlight. Thanks to Eploy!

Red Employ Recruitment T Shirt

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